Re: Pluto via Ethernet - TX dropouts #pluto

Jean (DJ0VL)

Hi Nils,

As long as my LAN problems persisted, I experienced some waterfall freezes as well, but they were temporary and did not last more than a few seconds. They were always mapped to pairs of entries  "Radio PlutoSDR> NOT Ready / Radio PlutoSDR> Ready" in the logfile. Do you see those pairs of messages in your logfile as well? If the time difference between not ready and ready is just some milliseconds, the issue is not due to power interruptions, as rebooting and getting ready on the network takes some seconds.

To narrow down the problem, you can log your network traffic with Wireshark and look for evidence of network problems like errors/warning/repeating packets etc.

Did you enable System Debugger Diagnosis in the Audio options menu? Maybe you can get additional hints from some System Debug entries.

If you are using GPU support and run other programms in parallel that also make usage of the GPU, this may lead to some stuttering of the waterfall as well. While this slows down the response, it does not crash the program.

73 de Jean DJ0VL

Hi All,
a little bit off topic (I don't have dropouts), but my SDR Console freezes from time to time. A message "Radio PlutoSDR> NOT Ready" is visible in SDR Console tmp.txt in some cases (case 1 below). 

After the freeze of the dynamic displays (e.g., freeze of the waterfall) either
1.) pressing buttons works, so I can stop radio, open log file, start radio again and go on working, or
2.) pressing buttons leads to "keine Rückmeldung" and I have to stop / restart the whole SDR Console application.
The Pluto seems to not have stopped working meanwhile.

May I assume from the discussion above, that most probably there is a network problem in my setup?

Vy 73 de Nils DHØHAN

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