Re: Pluto via Ethernet - TX dropouts #pluto


Likely it is power supply related. The micro-USB connector is a horror in my experience. Cables go defective just sitting there. Wiggling the connectors results in device reinitialization. And so forth.


On 20200818 12:07:10, Nils DHØHAN wrote:

Hi All,
a little bit off topic (I don't have dropouts), but my SDR Console freezes from time to time. A message "Radio PlutoSDR> NOT Ready" is visible in SDR Console tmp.txt in some cases (case 1 below). 

After the freeze of the dynamic displays (e.g., freeze of the waterfall) either
1.) pressing buttons works, so I can stop radio, open log file, start radio again and go on working, or
2.) pressing buttons leads to "keine Rückmeldung" and I have to stop / restart the whole SDR Console application.
The Pluto seems to not have stopped working meanwhile.

May I assume from the discussion above, that most probably there is a network problem in my setup?

Vy 73 de Nils DHØHAN

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