Re: Pluto - Issue with 'Manual' RX-Gain setting #adalmpluto


Even specifying maintainability is insufficient if you do not consider the direction that design extension will take. There are so many tradeoffs inherent in the design process that it's easy to miss something.

One sage in my software life suggested you get the design basically finished, junk it, erase it completely, and stat over with everything you learned was wrong with the way it was done the first time.


On 20200816 05:34:30, Jean (DJ0VL) wrote:
Hello jdow,

I completely agree with your writing. This occurs when the original requirements did not stipulate design for maintainability and if change management is not strictly handled. However I doubt that these kind of process requirements can be handled in a stringend way by a single developper working without a big support team. You are right, is such cases the way-out often is a time-consuming redesign.

73 Jean DJ0VL

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