Re: Pluto - Issue with 'Manual' RX-Gain setting #adalmpluto

Siegfried Jackstien

Yepp... You can set your s units wherever you want...
Setting transponder noise to 0dvuv is just an easy to reproduce setting... And you can easy see levels avove noise as plus values... 
Setting cw beacon to s9 or a few db above with s bit bigger dish givrs also "fair" reports
So that why i set it that way... Easier readout as positive numbers from 0dbuv upwards... And reports do match the s meter and readability 3by5 to 5by9
Ok some may say s3 as base is a bit high... And set that to s0...but for me above settings is easy... Give fair results.. And no need to calculate backwards from minus 104 to minus 86 dbm... (or whatever you have setup your scale)
Greetz sigi dg9bfc 

Am 16.08.2020 14:06 schrieb jdow <jdow@...>:

On 20200816 03:51:55, Jean (DJ0VL) wrote:
@jdow: I hope you are wrong when you suspect that new features introduce new issues in unrelated parts of the SDR console. For me, this would be a clear indication to step back and seriously question my development process. 

73 Jean DJ0VL

This is a known phenomenon when adding features to a project that already meets its original specifications. The new requirements were not known at the time the design was made. So choices that limit certain sorts of changes get made for one reason or another. Adding this new feature that was not provisioned for in the design can lead to violating the original design structure leading to odd seeming failures. This is probably what led Simon to move into V3 rather than simply improving V2. He was able to add features that were exceptionally difficult to add to V2 by simply starting over. He probably recycled much or most of the working code. But I bet the internal structure is noticeably different.


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