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Um, er use dBm and fiddle visual gain to get what you want?

Watching test-team leads me to suspect Simon is reaching the point that new features introduce new faults in totally unrelated portions of the system. If it isn't broken and a work around exists for a feature such as this, don't fix it. Nobody knows what else will break.


On 20200815 07:43:57, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

here for me that base setting of 50 db is a bit low ... depending on lnb used i need 60 to 70 db (with visual gain to -30) ... then the base noise (transponder noise) is at 0 dbuv (easier to calculate levels that way) and the cw beacon is a solid s9

so just try it with a bit higher setting ... when switching between manual and auto the levels should not change (much) so i set the manual gain to show same as when using autogain ... that worked fine here

no idea about the error but maybe simon can explain it

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 15.08.2020 um 10:24 schrieb Jean (DJ0VL):

With Pluto RX-Gain set to 'Manual' (default gain 50dB, visual gain -30dB), the initialization seems to fail from time to time when starting the radio (either after program start or after stopping and restarting the radio, as shown in the screenshot). The overall gain is then significantly lower, either manual gain must be rised to maximum or visual gain must be set to around 0dB to get a spectrum/waterfall comparable to the default condition. Changing RX-gain to something else than 'Manual' does not show the issue. Manually changing the RX-Gain leads to the same issue. I have to power-cycle the Pluto in order to recover to normal usage.
Looking at the logfile, I see two error entries "Radio PlutoSDR> Error writing Channel attribute voltage_filter_fir_en = 1, error 22, Invalid argument" and "Radio PlutoSDR> Error writing Channel attribute hardwaregain = 50, error 95, Unknown error", but unsure if there is a relation to these error entries.

This occurs with console 3.0.24 as well as with at least 3.0.23. There is also no difference in using the bundled libiio.dll (which seems to be v0.17) or using the current libiio.dll version 0.21.

Is there a workaround apart from not using manual RX-Gain setting?

73 Jean DJ0VL

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