What are you using for an antenna? Through 30 MHz it takes a really terrible receiver to have more noise than the natural noise level picked up by moderately good antennas.

On 20200807 03:33:56, Hasan Schiers N0AN wrote:
Hi George,
I have an Airspy S2 and an SDRPay RSPdx and they both play well with SDRC.

Performance wise there are clear differences and I find the RSPdx a bit deaf compared to the S2, especially on 6 meters.

When I compare the raw number of decodes on FT8 per 15 sec sequence, or the same decodes per seq using MSK144, the S2 is quite a bit more sensitive. I am driving the SDRs from my Kenwood TS-590sg antenna output port, which loses 3 dB of signal, but that has not proven to be a factor.

If you look at the specs of the RSPdx, it has a very high noise figure on HF especially. I found at my rural qth, a wideband preamp made a big difference. With the preamp, the performance of the RSPdx is equal to or better than my TS-590sg on all HF bands.
Again, the measure in number of decodes/sequence on FT8. I pay little or no attention to the raw SNRs, as they can be quite misleading due to AGC characteristics.

The preamp has caused no overload issues of any kind. I don't use the RSPdx for BC band reception as a rule, but I have no overload or intermod issues from either FM or BC stations to my work on ham radio bands, and very good antennas.

For normal HF work, the RSPdx is quite good, clearly better than the FunCube Pro+ on HF (the FC+ is excellent on satellite work with an appropriate GASfet preamp)

On 6 meters, even with the preamp, the RSPdx is not in the same league as the Airspy S2.

So, if your interests are HF, the RSPdx is fine. If VHF, not so much.
73, N0AN


On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 4:42 AM George Stein - NJ3H via <> wrote:

How well does the subject receiver work with SDRC?  Are there any major issues or concerns?

Thanks for any comments.

George, NJ3H

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