Re: Broken up audio sometimes with Bluetooth headset

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From: <> On Behalf Of Simon
Sent: 07 August 2020 19:32
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Broken up audio sometimes with Bluetooth headset



not sure where to post this, so starting here if you do not mind..

trying to go wireless headset..bought one on ebay cheapo. ( Bluetooth.)

Bluetooth dongle in usb socket..gaming pc..quick..lots of ram etc..sdrc v3.24 win 10.

every now  and again on initialisation of tx, i lose some audio..its as though losing 50% of audio but in packets..say 50ms??tx  Audio good. audio gone. audio good. etc but at a very fast rate..
then it just clears itself and all is good, then it may come back..( espically if i change on sdrc from normal audio to dx or visa versa while still in tx.OR de key and re key..)

rx audio though headset is always good..

anyone got an idea of what is going on?? ( as I do not.) Is it just should have bought more expensive wireless headset??

thank you all for reading   Mag loop Simon.

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