Re: Issue with "Ghost Audio" when using with RSP2 #rspduo


Are you sure only one receiver is active? I've been surprised with this in the past. The receive menu bar will give you a list of all receivers that are currently defined.

If only one is active then I suspect there is a grounding problem on your motherboard or a ground loop in your overall audio system.

A full size screen shot is damn near ALWAYS helpful for diagnosis. In this case showing the receive menu on the ribbon would be nice.

On 20200806 19:06:38, bigtalk1233@... wrote:

I'm using the latest 64-bit version with Win10 and RSP2, but I noticed this problem starting in version .18.
The issue is that there is always some kind of a ghost receiver (for lack of better term) running in the background. That is, I can always hear the rectified audio of the entire received spectrum playing through the speakers when SDR Play is processing, and it's volume depends on the incoming signal strength. What I hear is a quiet, bandpass filtered AM audio of all the visible stations clustered together. It is so strange that its hard to describe.

It makes no difference what I do with the receiver, I can mute it, change it to output to a different sound card, close it out altogether, it doesn't matter the background audio is always there. When I switch to a different kind of SDR, the problem goes away, it only happens with the RSP2 starting in version 0.18.

Thank you Simon for your assistance and creating this otherwise very brilliant software.

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