So George, to qualify my earlier comments that I made on the very similar RSP2 regarding HF performance, I must say that on VHF/UHF I have found it satisfactory. I would guess the RSPdx is very similar. I must admit I am not a "power user" on VHF/UHF, so will leave it to the big VHF/UHF DXers to comment further on suitability or otherwise of RSPdx in this regard. For me the RSP2 works fine.



On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 10:20 PM, George Stein - NJ3H wrote:
I would like to thank everyone for their comments and insights.  I should have mentioned that I am looking for receiving signals above 108 MHz.  I currently have a Perseus and an Elad, so I think I am ok below that frequency.  So I am looking for something with continuous tune above 108 Megs.  

So what would the experts out there recommend as a good SDR receiver for 108 and up (in frequency)?

Of course I want it to be "very" compatible with SDRC, of course.

Thank you for any suggestions.

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USA

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