USB timeout 10 minute W10 in Parallels

John W0MPM <W0MPM.John@...>

I know SDRconsole is NOT supported in Parrallels except by extreme good fortune. Still, I figure in this group are some people who understand USB ports and hardware and software 'stuff' who likely can at least direct me in some profitable direction.

SDRconsole is running fine in W10 under Parallels on a 2015 MacBook except: after 10 minutes things come to a stop. SDRc responds and I shutdown the external radio and then restart and things are copasetic. For another 10 minutes. I see references to changing the USB port to stay on in windows; but can't seem to find that setting here. The hardware is an Airspy HF+. 

Gotta be something simple. Thanks
W0MPM John

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