I think some of the answer depends on what frequencies you want to listen to? Not sure about RSPdx, but I consider my RSP2 adequate at best on LF/MF/HF due to lots of overload issues. Not sure if the RSPdx has been cured or suffers similar issues? I believe it is improved, but it does have a very similar hardware structure and chips inside, so who knows? Some on hear say it is OK (as you can see from other replies).

If your interest is mostly below 30MHz then Airspy HF+ might be a better bet. For a general all-rounder including VHF/UHF then yes, RSPdx is probably OK. Personally I now have an Hermes Lite 2 direct sampling SDR transceiver, but at the lowish price it also makes a superb HF only SDR for receive use only (up to 38MHz). As a result I now never use my RSP2 on anything below 30 MHz. Too much grief. Sick of all the many images popping up all over the place. HL2 "just works" and does so brilliantly. 

Good luck.


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