Re: Ettus compatibility #sdrconsolev3 #ettus

Mark A


Just bear in mind, this box can eat bandwidth on your local LAN.Make sure you are using decent branded ethernet switches.

Most Home switches don't do very well when you start chucking huge amounts of data around, especially UDP (I've crashed netgears in the past.) I had a really subtle issue which also affected my apache, which tooks months to track down. (mss) 

I don't wish to willy wave, but I've manged to run 850mb/s for 25MHz according to the NMS on this gigabit network.  but audio was choppy/unusable, However this install of Win10 was trashed by MS at the last major update as now plagued by audio issues, but can manage a mere 5MHz, with broadcast FM/RDS/PI.with a nice catch of a south London pirate last night which the RSP at 2MHz couldn't quite get. 

The CPU etc, was not sweating.  PC is a rebuilt server, 3.6Gig Oct Core, so again, plenty of ger-runt available.

To get the N2x0 seen by SDRconsole, a little work is needed with downloading drivers and you -may- have to update the N2x0 which is best done from a linux box as it needs python (voodoo...)  Good luck/


Best 73 de Mark. 


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