Display for AM modulation, including % modulation


I add this paragraph to a current thread that was discussing this feature, but did not get any response.  I am sorry if that was not the correct way to get this feature aired.... :
This Thread most closely speaks to the display i am looking for.  % Modulation , as alluded too above, monitoring ones own TX signal is very useful/necessary , especially for Older equipment (transmitters).  i have only found one plugin / feature that shows what would be a (scopeview) of the transmitted signal.  As in an ext. oscilloscope, one can see a carrier when the TX is keyed down, and the modulated signal when one speaks into the mic.  this shows % modulation.  i have seen in some pictures of SDR- Radio, an " IF display " that sometimes shows something very similar to what a band scope would display. but i have not figured out how to set this up.  the default seems to be just band pass display.  An old version of SDR # had a modified scope view plug in that could display the required display to show % modulation, it even had a box that listed that percentage.  Request:  looking for a way for  -Radio to display, at least visually, % modulation of  the transmitted signal. thanx
joe b.

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