Re: 10M Band Tuning

Siegfried Jackstien

Two ways to sync sdr and rig...
One way is. Select external radio and connect ftdx3k there... 
Other way is... Connect ftdx3k to omnirig on one port... And sdr console as ts2000 as second rig to omnirig...
Virtual serial port needed for console then... 
Dg9bfc sigi

Am 19.04.2020 02:05 schrieb jdow <jdow@...>:

I can't help. I can note some problems in your message, though.

1) No pictures. Simon LOVES pictures, especially when they show setup details.
2) Simon is busy right now with a paying customer and a deadline. So he can't
help at the moment.

Some things that might help when Simon can get to it include:
1) Picture(s) of SDRC that show its setup.
2) Serial port logs that show what is being sent to SDRC via the mousewheel,
which is placed where?


On 20200418 07:41:30, Steve KH6CT wrote:
> When using my rig control software to QSY from 40M through 20M, 17M, 15M to 10M,
> the FTdx3K, rig control software and SDRC all track and work just as advertised
> except for 10M.  I am able to put the cursor in the waterfall and tune with the
> mouse wheel on each of the first four bands.  When I QSY from 17M to 10M,
> everything looks just fine.  Frequencies are correct, waterfall is moving, and
> spectrum is showing signals.  But, when I place the cursor in the waterfall and
> rotate the mouse wheel, the Radio, rig control software and SDRC all QSY back up
> to 15M.  A restart of SDRC seems to be the only recourse for resuming
> operation.  This pretty much makes it difficult to use 10M in the same easy
> manner I use the upper bands.  Same results for both Win4Yaesu and HRD as rig
> control.  SDR is an RSP1A, used as a panadapter only.
> Posted my question/problem to the developer of Win4Yaesu and received, in part,
> the following....
> /"I set this all up and I can tell you that it is 100% coming from SDR Console./
> /For example, I start on 10m, then click on 15m in Win4Yaesu.  The serial port
> traffic shows that Win4Y sends the appropriate frequency of 21.071.240  as set
> in the radio. At this point, the External radio display in SDRC shows 21.071.240
> which is correct, but the receive frequency is shown as 28.021.090.  Thus SDRC
> is not updating the receive frequency of the SDR Radio.  So when you put the
> mouse in the window of SDRC and turn it, it sends a 10m frequency back to the
> FTDX 3000./
> /The only way to fix things is to close SDRC and reopen it and then it is
> correct again./
> /SDRC does seem to work for a while, but then it loses sync between the SDR
> frequency (receiver) and the Omni-Rig frequency.  This would be internal to SDRC
> since the frequency read from omni rig is correct./
> /You will need to report a bug with SDRC./
> /Everything is 100% correct on a serial port sniff."/
> A few days ago when the problem was first noticed, SDRC did give me a BugTrap
> report.  Here's the DropBox link....
> So, any help in making 10M a little easier to use would be appreciated.
> 73 and Aloha, Steve KH6CT

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