Re: Ettus compatibility #sdrconsolev3 #ettus

Charly DF5VAE


I got an Ettus N200/wbs daughterboard working in SDR console - after updating to last firmware.
Before the Ettus driver reported a software discrepancy.

However I cound not manage to run the full 40MHz bandwith - up to 2 Mhz Bw was ok, beyond it started stuttering - either limitation of my hardware (older I7-2800) or just too much data for >SDR console.

Tried same setup with X310
Could not connect with 10GB optical cable setup (never used 10GB optical network - so may be other issues).
Managed to run succesful diagnose with 1GB adapter (win 7/64) and x310(one 40MHZ WBS card fitted)
SDR console works with very narrow bandwith, but blocks, stutters or freeze with higher bandwith settings.
Hardware or software limitations likely.

73, Charly DF5VAE

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