Re: antenna splitter ?

Hasan Schiers N0AN

When I bought these, they were in a package of 5 for $19.95

The big need for me is caused by the 25-60w output from my 2/70cm Collinear which is 2' away from my Satellite rx antenna on 145.9. I also have a KW output 6m amp and the 6m LFA Yagi is about 4' away, BUT, that is taken care of by a set of back to back 2m/70cm duplexers in the shack giving > 60 dB of additional isolation. Also have KW out on HF to wire antennas suspended about 10' below the satellite antennas.

The 6M, 2M collinear and the Satellite antennas are all fed with 1/2" hardline, so there isn't a lot of loss to reduce that 25 to 60 watts of RF on 2m APRS from getting into the satellite antenna only 2' away.

73, N0AN

On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 11:16 AM jdow <jdow@...> wrote:
Maybe if you expand the drawing beyond what you show it would make sense. At the
moment it looks to me like you have a loop between the input and output of the
7600 through the splitter. Does the radio normally have a jumper from RX-ANT-OUT
to RX-ANT-IN for it to work correctly? Remember, I do not have a 7600. All I
have is your (incomplete?) description below to work from.


On 20200803 09:05:54, Don Moman VE6JY wrote:
> Well, it makes perfect sense to me, I've used this scheme on the
> similarly equipped ICOM 7800.  The RX ANT out is on the safe side of the TX
> relay so is well protected from any transmissions made by that radio.  No need
> for anything else.
> 73 Don
> On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 9:26 AM jdow <jdow@...
> <mailto:jdow@...>> wrote:
>     Reread, carefully, what you have done here. Make a drawing of it. From here it
>     looks like utter nonsense. For one thing there is no antenna mentioned anywhere
>     in that list.
>     {^_^}
>     On 20200802 23:19:06, NAN via <> wrote:
>      > Hi Bob
>      >
>      > I would like to connect my RSP1A to the IN/OUT receive antenna
>     connections on my
>      > IC-7600.
>      >
>      > Input of RF Splitter connected to RX-ANT OUT of IC-7600
>      > Output 1 of RF splitter connected to RX-ANT IN of IC-7600
>      > Output 2 of RF splitter connected to SDR receiver (RSP1A)
>      >
>      > With this configuration I expect to use the IC-7600 receiver and the SDR
>      > receiver at the same time (signal loss of 3db noted). Is it safe to TX in
>     this
>      > configuration? The Icom user manual indicates I could connect a pre-amp
>     at the
>      > RX port so I believe its safe and no need for any additional receiver
>     front end
>      > protection?
>      >
>      > Appreciate some help.
>      >
>      > 73's
>      > Nan
>      >

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