Re: Edit of Audio Files

George Stein - NJ3H

I need to correct what I said above.  The video I mentioned enough was not made by Simon, but by DK8OK.  It really helps to use a large screen and not a cell phone sometimes.

In the video (, DK8OK uses the Analyzer function of SDR Console.  It was with this program that he was able to trim the 24 hour recording down to a specific frequency range.

I will look for documentation on the Analyzer portion of SDR Console.

I will do some reading if a recorded file can be trimmed by time also.  Don't know yet how much documentation is out there for this topic.  Perhaps if someone has any detailed instructions, they could post a link.

So my question now is:  Is there the capability to trip a file recorded by SDR Console based on time or frequency.  It looks like DK8OK was able to take care of the frequency part.  What I don't know is if he was able to re-save that excerpted file as a file readable by SDR Console.


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