Re: Output of HL2 is interrupted while switching TABS in browser


Note, if "Output of HL2 is interrupted while switching TABS in
browser" is not your thread why are you replying to my message in that thread. If it is your thread, why did you specifically mention "TABS in browser?"

Did you read my two articles I included in a recent message to this list explaining at least one kind of tick and click and crackle in the systems? Basically without somebody working some magic you cannot avoid it when two different clocks are involved in your solution. They will run at different rates, different even from their nominal known difference. This leads to problems. I pointed towards a direction for research.


On 20200803 15:32:04, paul newcombe wrote:
When I was TXing for those Pics I had no browser turned on.
I was running just SDRC-VAC-WSJT  apart from automatic background programs that Win 7
starts.  I was not connected to a router or to the internet.
That spike is what the RXing stations see.
It is not on Thetis/PWRSDR but I do not want to use those programs HiHi
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You might try slowing down and minimizing spectrum and waterfall displays. You
might also try "If it hurts when you bang your head on your keyboard, don't do
that." That is, run the browser on a different machine.
On 20200803 14:46:05, paul newcombe wrote:
Just to add to earlier notes.
This is a picture of one of the horizontal spikes received at a friends station
around 50 miles away.
These are only there when I us SDRC to TX with the Anan.
They do not occur with Thetis or PWRSDR.
I turned off all, as far as I can work out, internet connections.
I turned off the wireless connection to the internet.
I had just SDRC WSJT and VAC running.
I closed down all other programs, as far as I know, including Chrome.
I tried multiple computers and multiple Anan's.
Next test to try?
Paul N2EME
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Just an update:
I'm running a QuadCore 8300 PC with 8G memory, not the newest but more then enought to do the work.
On average the system is @ 40% of CPU resources when decoding MSK in normal mode.
I just noticed that this also happens when putting the FOCUS from  to Chrome (without switching between tabs in Chrome).
I tried other applications as well but so far I only see this happening when using a browser.
antoon / pa3bwe
anan spike.jpg
anan TX spike.png

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