Edit of Audio Files

George Stein - NJ3H


I saw a youtube video yesterday that Simon had made regarding ALE reception using SDRC vers 2.  It seems to me he recorded a 2 MHz bandwidth.  If I heard correctly, I thought he said that he edited the file to just limit the file to a narrow portion (where the ALE signals were).  Perhaps he just zoomed in.

There is software for the Perseus that allows trimming a Perseus file by time.  I have often thought of trimming a file by frequency would be a real nice thing to have.  However, I cannot imagine how such a thing would be possible.

Simon, did you actually trim the file for a specific frequency range?

Is there a trim file capability for TIME in the SDRC software?  If not, how would one at least accomplish this for a n SDRC audio file?  I would think a standard audio editing program would not work since it would get rid of header info, etc.

Love SDRC more and more each day.

Anyway, everyone have a good day.

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USA

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