Screenshot not working

Dale Elshoff WB8CJW

I press the camera icon, a window comes up with --> Open, --> Open with... and --> Show in folder. [all normal}  But if I click "Open" an error message is displayed that says Windows can't find the folder.  I can navigate to the folder using Explorer with problem but no image has been saved.  I tried deleting all previous image files but that made no difference.

If I take a screenshot while the spectrum/waterfall is stopped console freezes.  This time I was able to bring up the Task Manager and shut SDR Console down.

I just downloaded from Google Drive SDR-Radio V3.0.24, 64-bit, 2020-07-27_0913.exe this time and reinstalled.  Used Dropbox previously.  No change still spectrum/waterfall freeze and screenshot not working.


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