Re: Q: Stability LimeSDR-USB

Allan Isaacs

I last dabbled with my Lime over a year ago but I did have to use an external power supply especially for transmit.

The external PSU stopped it crashing.

Allan G3PIY


From: [] On Behalf Of Lasse T. Jensen via
Sent: 02 August 2020 10:21
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Q: Stability LimeSDR-USB


Is your LimeSDR stable in SDR Console?

I can´t get mine to play nice, is stalls, hangs and crashes, the log function don´t seam to give any vital info about whats crashes it? what can I do to track down my problem?

Perhaps it is a USB issue SDR-Sharp and SDR-Angle seams to suffer a bit the same?



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