Re: Battery Charger RFI mitigated

Allan Isaacs

Hi Paul

Very interesting video.

I bet things could have been improved even more by adding a filter at the output.

That baseband modulation would drive me round the bend. Is it from a local AM broadcast?


Those markings on the charger presumably declare conformance to international specs?

Also, that black-cased mains filter… did it meet the suppression levels marked on the case or does it fall short?

73 Allan G3PIY


From: [] On Behalf Of Paul Cianciolo
Sent: 29 July 2020 02:04
Subject: [SDR-Radio] Battery Charger RFI mitigated


If you like listening to HF, sooner or later you are run into a battery charger that generates serious RFI due to poor design.
See how I attacked this with common available parts.
The Airspy Discovery and SDR Console are used in this approach to noise mitigation.

Thank you 



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