Re: Console 3.0.24 - RIT Issues

Jean (DJ0VL)

see screenshots :)

So you used a different approach by looking at the beacon sync view while I looked at the main spectrum display, not knowing if the issue affects the beacon view and the main view in the same way.
Now I reproduced your test, looking at the beacon window display. I do not use the beacon sync (LNB offset is 9750.0 MHz, Pluto calibration is 0.0ppm as both the 25MHz oscillator for the LNB and the 40MHz oscillator for the Pluto are locked to a 10MHz reference),

The attached screenshots show the same test as yours: once the beacon display with RIT off and once the beacon display with RIT set to -10KHz.

The result is: the factor remains exactly 2:1 with my copy of SDR console 3.0.24, I cannot reproduce the 4:3 factor observed by you, but it looks like the issue has the same effect on the beacon view as on the main view.
Apparently, we are running two different versions of the same software. Mine is the 64bit version, downloaded from the release path. Do you use the same version?  

73 Jean

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