SDRplay service stopping #sdrplay #sdrconsolev3 #rsp1a #bug


Sometimes (presumably due to momentary overload) the RSP1A stops working and the SDRplay service crashes.

The problem is that if I stop and start receiving in SDR Console, the service doesn't start back up - the result is as if the RSP1A wasn't connected - receiving not starting. I have to go to Windows services and manually restart it.

Unplugging the RSP1A and plugging it back in also doesn't restart the service, however this works when combined with starting SDRuno. It's easier to just go to Windows services though.

I'm currently on SDRplay API 3.07 and SDR Console v.3.0.23 with the new DLL, however the problem was present on API 3.06. If I remember correctly, reception did properly restart on API 2.13 when stopping and starting it in SDR Console after the crash (but may have required unplugging the device).

Best regards,
Wojciech GoĊ›cicki

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