Re: Help Needed

George Stein - NJ3H

I have uninstalled using the SDRC routine and then reinstalled the software vers 3.0.23 and checked the item Sigi mentioned, which was already checked.  However, the memory and favorite file(s) where still there.  So how do I delete everything?  What about cleaning out the appropriate registry entries (if needed)?

The program is still acting the same way.  The Elad and Perseus files were still in the folder.  So I deleted them and now want to add them back (fresh copies of them).

There were 10 Perseus files and 22 Elad files.  When I look in the Elad folders and Perseus folders, there are not that many files.  It was a long time ago that I set up SDTC and now do not remember exactly how I determined which files to use.  And why 10 and 22 files?  Where did they come from?

I find it odd that these files would be the issue, since the program itself is acting odd.

I am now at a total loss on how to proceed.  I really like SDRC and really want to get it working again.


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