Re: HF Antenna Query

Allan Isaacs

A bit of potential good news re my HF interference from Ethernet-over-mains adaptors.

Whilst installing a new graphics card for my noisy neighbour I noticed he already had a wi-fi extender behind his old monitor, which I was also swapping.

He reckoned he’d got it foc from BT when he’d complained his router wi-fi wasn’t reaching his TV set.

BT of course now claim to guarantee all rooms in your house will be covered by their router.. seems not in a thatched cottage with 2 foot thick walls and about 6 of these between his router and TV set.

Of course the extender was adjacent to his router and as such wasn’t sending wi-fi through the same 6 walls.

I suggested firstly he move the extender to be fed with a CAT5 cable to a different room and secondly get a another CAT5 cable to connect his TV.

He agreed and will run the new cables up into the loft and down to the extender and TV. The latter needs a 50m cable.

These are now ordered and I’m waiting for the RFI to finally clear up.

I’m not entirely sure about the 50m cable behind the thatch though… it will be at right angles to my inverted V… will this pick up my 80m transmissions?

Allan G3PIY

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Sent: 14 July 2020 14:14
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] HF Antenna Query


a wifi extender instead of a powerline modem would solve that

sometimes even only move the main wifi router a bit left or right ... and/or placing a sheet metal behind it (as reflector to fire more towards tv set) could help

you can filter you own main against low frequency (and higher) noise ... that would lower conducted noise (also good for your own receiver)


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