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Ah, yes, a bribe may help. And some household chokes at your home MAY do some good. On his home they might make his network more reliable for him. But, they are expensive. Always give him suggestions that will improve his situation, if you can.

Another thing to consider is whether or not he has DSL. If he has DSL common mode chokes on his telephone line might provide better balance and a significant improvement, both for you and for him.

Apply honey liberally. It develops friendships and solves social level problems. (Note to self - you REALLY gotta remember this more than you do, Joanne.)


On 20200714 03:07:07, Michael.2E0IHW via wrote:
Maybe suggest  a wifi extender, or  a mesh wifi system for his TV maybe as a gift ???
Chokes on your own mains wiring might also  help.
But stay supportive - and legal.
On 14/07/2020 08:59, Allan Isaacs wrote:

...  It turned out to be his Ethernet-over-mains adaptors which he’d installed for his smart TV which was too far from his wireless router. I demonstrated this to him and suggested he stop using them but he didn’t bother. His house is a thatched cottage with thick stone walls and a stone floor making the use of ordinary cable a bit unsightly so I’m stumped.

The mush not only comes from his house, but it pervades my own mains wiring as well. >
...I could suggest  he simply moves his wireless router nearer the TV?
Allan G3PIY

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