Re: HF Antenna Query

Allan Isaacs

My house must be pretty typical Kriss.

I got rid of a specific bad mains plug power supply and the MF bands quietened considerably but one day we had two power cuts in quick succession causing my neighbours supply to trip out.

As he was away on holiday the trip wasn’t reset.

The whole spectrum suddenly became really quiet especially the 300-400KHz band carrying airport beacons but also 80m which had been noisy.

As soon as the guy returned from holiday the racket came back, wiping out the MF band and producing plateau-like noise across half the 80m band. It turned out to be his Ethernet-over-mains adaptors which he’d installed for his smart TV which was too far from his wireless router. I demonstrated this to him and suggested he stop using them but he didn’t bother. His house is a thatched cottage with thick stone walls and a stone floor making the use of ordinary cable a bit unsightly so I’m stumped.

The mush not only comes from his house, but it pervades my own mains wiring as well.


Is it possible I wonder to make a noise generator to stop his Ethernet adaptors from working reliably (like a jammer) and then I could suggest he simply moves his wireless router nearer the TV? Maybe couple the jammer into my mains supply? I could also move one end of my 80m inverted V to a point directly behind his TV and couple up my linear.


Allan G3PIY



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