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Simon Brown



Dynamic range could be an issue – when the Tropo is strong I see at least 100dB SNR at times so a good 16-bit SDR is needed, 18-bit would be better. Anyway, I do know something which I can’t make public, so waiting a while and using the SDRplay may be the better option.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Hello James


Why not save your pennies and run multiple SDRPlays?

Three of them should comfortably give you 24MHz of bandwidth.

And I'm guessing that they would cost you less than a third of the price of an Elad S3?


73s Tracey G5VU



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Hi Simon,

Thanks for the recommendation... that's going to be quite big budget for me, is there anything middle ground or should I just be patient and save up my pennies??!


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