Re: DIY Arduino Midi Controller for SDRC completed

Christian Veith

Hi jdow,

yes afaik the midi library allows a midi serial mode, which sends the midi data as strings.

This can be used by arduino microcontrollers which doesn't allow acting as a usb client device. The Arduino NAno for example is one of these, They are using some other USB Serial converters like the CH340 or some of the FTDI ones.

Best regards

Chris DL5CV

Am 12.07.2020 um 07:44 schrieb jdow:

I "presume" (perhaps rashly {^_-}) that this speaks to the PC as MIDI over USB, right? Can it be setup to work on some other basis such as serial port? (In principle it could be setup as a WinUSB.sys device with ZADIG and allow it to do almost anything - including accept display feedback if it grows a small display.) Something that comes to mind is DMX512 if the serial port can be programmed to a high enough data rate.

A useful button function would be modify the functions of the rotary encoders to "seldom used" functions which might include RX selection, although the dummy rotary encoder might be best for that.

This might be a much nicer control tool than trying to bend mixer or lighting decks to do the job. And I suspect the Arduino board used is a minor portion of the project's expense.

(And *I* am not going to try to build and drill the box. When I try to work with that kind of tool +/- 1/4" is about the accuracy level I manage. Nobody taught me how to use that kind of tool as a child. So am clumsy beyond belief.)

That is an exciting looking project.


On 20200711 08:26:21, Andrea Dalbagno wrote:
Hello Gentlemen

Attached, you'll find (I hope :-) ) some documents on how I made a DIY MIDI Controller for SDRC, based on Arduino MICRO.
I wish to say a big Thanks to Chris here, who gave many useful infos and a solid starting point.
So, the "thing" can do some things (SWL oriented, for now: HAM exams on the way):
- VFO (4 tuning step);
- VFO step change;
- 1 MHz UP and 1 MHz DOWN
- MODE change;
- Filter Lower Limit increase-decrease;
- Filter Higher Limit increase-decrease;
- Filter Limits increase-decrease step (2 step)
- Volume;
- DUMMY Buttons and Encoder for experimens;
- Spare buttons for future expansions;

The Arduino sketch is conveniently commented and you will find also a wiring scheme.
You can change all you want, in the way you want.

It would be great if Simon would ad a MIDI command to Zoom IN and Zoom OUT the waterfall: I tried to emulate the mouse wheel with Arduino, but it seems not possible when using the MIDI library. But may be I'm not so clever to get it working.

Andrea SWL I 1360-TN


  * DLB MIDI V_3_bb.pdf <>
  * DLB MIDI V_3_BOM.doc <>
  * MIDI_DLB_3.ino <>
  * MIDI_DLB_3.jpg <>

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