Re: Automatic Demodulation Frequency "Centering" -- Request #sdrconsolev3 #request

Siegfried Jackstien

i do the finetuning in the receive panel (not receiver pane but the receive dsp panel ... receive "dsp"box ... and use the if display

for only ONE receiver thats good enough (and saves a bit cpu load)

but i try to AVOID the center!! (0hz spot) ... thats why i asked simon for a zoomfuction that does NOT shift also the lo to move receive filter to the center

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 09.07.2020 um 12:29 schrieb Christian Veith:

Hi Alex,

It's also possible to use the receiver pane. Which by default shows one receiver, but can have 8 receivers side by side. I'm always using it as a little window on the second screen for fine tuning ;)

Am 9. Juli 2020 04:34:49 MESZ schrieb "Alex P via" <winston376@...>:
Thanks for responding.   I tried your suggestion and it does center the receive frequency....thanks for letting me know that this is a workable option to my question. Best....

Vy 73 de DL5CV

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