Re: Choose which Nvidia GPU to use if multiple GPUs are present. #feature

Siegfried Jackstien

how many 4k monitors do you have to put in a row to have such high resolution??

" hey grab a coffee ... i take a "walk" from vhf to uhf ... and it will take some time ... should i take the hairy hound with me??" ...

500megs of bw?!? WOW

i can only imagine that monitoring a sat downlink (with lots of tv channels) would take such bw (in fact 500megs is not enough for the tv sat band) ... but for vhf uhf?? what needs such bw??

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 09.07.2020 um 08:19 schrieb jdow:

scary indeed. I'd be scared trying to think if a "better way" to visualize the data. 500 MHz on a UHD screen with ten full width spectrum spans is still more than 12.5 kHz per pixel.

I think I'd try for 8 screen widths and discard some cruft off the edges to use a 32768 FFT for full width visualization and then mixers and decimators to get regions that need higher resolution. Even with "many" such spectrum chunks it might use less processor and still give full information and flexibility.

That said, a display system that could display say a single pixel for each bin of a 536,870,912 bin FFT would be......... impressive. By then the resolution of the human eye limits the ability to grasp information.


On 20200709 00:29:56, Simon Brown wrote:

The API options are to select a specific card or the 'best' card. The widest FFT I've encountered is 100MHz, with x8 resolution it's been close to 1 billion bins / second. The GTX 1070 worked but it was getting close.

At some stage in 2020 I expect to interface with a VHF / UHF SDR which delivers 500MHz of bandwidth. Scary stuff, I doubt that my motherboard will handle the data, let alone FFT.

Simon Brown, G4ELI

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Perhaps if second best is good enough it should be used leaving the other one for some other high powered calculations. It probably also has a place in regression testing to have a "weak" card you can select for testing.


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