Re: Automatic Demodulation Frequency "Centering" -- Request #sdrconsolev3 #request


Ah, um, have you looked at the matrix display? You can make a 1x1 matrix and get a narrow bandwidth with the tuned frequency in the middle. Retuning the front end to center frequency is not your best strategy as a general rule.


On 20200705 09:07:56, Alex P via wrote:
This option may already exist but haven't found the way to implement it already in the current version, V3.      Would like to keep the demodulated 'receive' frequency always centered in the spectrum/waterfall.   I do see the option to center the receive frequency and I use it all the time, but 'dinking' the button all the time is tiresome.  If this ''automatic centering"   feature does not exist already, I would like to request perhaps a button or option be included to allow it in a future version.  Simon is this something that can be implemented in a future version?  TIA.   Alex.

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