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martin m3ghe

59 isn't Maximum gain, it is Maximum Gain reduction or minimum Gain. You can use A20 to A59, A20 being least gain reduction.

Oh blast! I have just remembered I am using a modified RSP_TCP by Bas ON5HB, the commands are different from the standard SDRplay one. It is a available here 
It will give you these controls
        -a Listen address (default:
-p Listen port (default: 1234)
-d RSP device to use (default: 1, first found)
-P Antenna Port select* (0/1/2, default: 0, Port A)
-r Gain reduction (default: 34  / values 20-59)
-L Low Noise Amplifier (default: 2 / values 0-9)
-T Bias-T enable* (default: disabled)
-D DAB Notch disable* (default: enabled)
-B Broadcast Notch disable* (default: enabled)
-R Refclk output enable* (default: disabled)
-f frequency to tune to [Hz] - If freq set centerfreq and progfreq is ignored!!
-s samplerate in [Hz] - If sample rate is set it will be ignored from client!!
-W wideband disable* (default: enabled)
-A Auto Gain Control Setpoint (default: -34 / values 0 to -60)
-G Auto Gain Control Loop-speed in Hz (default: 5 / values 0/5/50/100)
-n Max number of linked list buffers to keep (default: 512)
-b Bits used for conversion to 8bit (default:14.5 / values 12/12.5/13/13.5/14/14.5/15.5/16)
-o Use decimate can give high CPU load (default: minimal-programmed / values 2/4/8/16/32 / 1 = auto-best)
-v Verbose output (debug) enable (default: disabled)

The original command set is, 
 [-a listen address (default:]
[-p listen port (default: 1234)]
[-d RSP device to use (default: 1, first found)]
[-P Antenna Port select* (0/1/2, default: 0, Port A)]
[-T Bias-T enable* (default: disabled)]
[-R Refclk output enable* (default: disabled)]
[-f frequency to tune to [Hz]]
[-s samplerate in Hz (default: 2048000 Hz)]
[-n max number of linked list buffers to keep (default: 500)]
[-v Verbose output (debug) enable (default: disabled)]
[-E RSP extended mode enable (default: rtl_tcp compatible mode)]
[-A AM notch enable (default: disabled)]
[-B Broadcast notch enable (default: disabled)]
[-D DAB notch enable (default: disabled)]
[-F RF notch enable (default: disabled)]
[-b Sample bit-depth (8/16 default: 8)]

Martin m3ghe

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