Re: Very Pretty!

Allan Isaacs

Or a UK veteran from John Scott Taggart? Not quite as many knobs but a nice dial.

Allan G3PIY



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Sent: 03 July 2020 08:05
Subject: Re: [SDR-Radio] Very Pretty!


Putting this in context, to a recording engineer (of which I am, among other things), vintage hardware is gold, even if its not 100% up to scratch. I've had this discussion with others, and part of the "nostalgia" of vintage recording, includes hiss, hum, etc., in an effort to reproduce the "sound" of bygone era's. Of course, these are VST plugin's of virtual instruments that don't exist in real life. In our hobby, SDR is the closest analogy to virtual radio.

As someone suggested (in their next lifetime), Simon's next iteration of SDRC could be a virtual Collin's R390. Boy, that has so much possibilities, adding virtual CRT scopes, that glorious "eye", etc.

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