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Tom Crosbie G6PZZ

Probably when we go back to a 1940’s CRT screen run on valves for that “more authentic” look and feel and heat…


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So when does SDR Console get an AR88 'skin'?

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On 02/07/2020 11:17, Bote Man wrote:

It baffles me that developers spend so much time making software look like old hardware.


I’ve been looking for a replacement VST plug-in for TriLeveler2 that does good speech limiting and it seems that it’s all about the look of the UI, when a thoughtfully designed UI that optimizes modern software controls would be a better choice. TriLeveler2 just gives you simple slider controls to adjust its handful of settings, no fanciness, just gets the job done. I mean, you can’t grab those Brainworx knobs and turn them with your fingers, so what’s the point?


Now, maybe if it accepted voice input and displayed settings this way it would be cool I suppose.



Bote Man



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