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Jorge Garzón Gutiérrez <iberiaDX@...>

I reckon that is a very wide open question as every folk here has different needs. I have an HP dedicated tower without permanent internet connection and I bought a Medion Akoya S3409 laptop. Why? I use it in the field or in the middle of the night on /p environment. I needed:
Retro lighted keyboard (to easier use with no light at all) 
Good screen contrast. 
No HDD to get the best in battery saving. 
Be rechargeable or operated from the cigarette lighter in the car. 
Built in aluminum to better dissipate the internal heat. 
Very light and portable.
It runs CSDR very good but if I tried to record 8 MHz band 2. Then it suffer some jumps that distort parts of the audio, so I use 6-7 MHz and that's it! Solved. 
I bought an external mini Toshiba HD and I store my i/q there. Then I can check them out very comfortably at home with the PC or the laptop itself if I am running an DXP. . 
Everything runs smooth and no problems at all. 
In the field I use the laptop and a Huawey 9,6" tablet to enter data and check info from the web or access to FMLIST account or DX forecast charts. 
That's all! 
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