Elektor SDR vs Softrock


I see the various talk about Softrock SDR. When I first looked at them last year, I noticed they did not tune down to 540kHz.

For $139 I purchased the Elektor board. I struggled from April to January until I purchased the E-Mu 0202. It was like the sun had risen. It worked really well at a full 190kHZ bandwidth. The comment I read about the low entry cost of Softrock, I couldn't hold back a pitch for Elektor.

It worked beyond my expectations. I suggest buying their bandpass kit for about $80 which would bring it to just over $200.

Within the month, I purchased the RFSpace SDR-IQ, mainly because it has a serial output which interfaces to a ham rig , the Elektor does not have. The RFSpace has about 6 LPF (low pass filters) that switch in and out with frequency.

So give the Elektor a look. With just the basic board, you will have the SDR experience.


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