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Hi Simon
and thanks a lot for the feedback.
In versions 2.3xx SDR Data File Analyzer, artifacts are observed on my computer when building sonograms. For example, the frequency range near the center frequency of the IQ recording is not displayed, at this point there is simply a “hole” with a width of more than kilohertz and this is very annoying when displaying narrow-band IQ records. I tried now to install the version of SDR-RADIO-Pro_v2.2b1735 (2014!) - everything is displayed there correctly.
 In addition to the problem with the “hole” in the center of the sonogram, in versions 2.3xx there are also errors when building sonograms in the zoom window, the sonogram only begins to build, and then it is interrupted - as a result, a completely “black” zoom window. I will attach some screenshots showing the problem.
And, I would be immensely happy if I had a way to resolve the problem of "updating keys" to old sets.


вт, 23 июн. 2020 г. в 06:29, Simon Brown <simon@...>:



Build 2355: .


I have ~15 v2.3 kits, can send you a Dropbox link to the folder.


Simon Brown, G4ELI


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Hi group.
Is it possible to use old sets of installers, for example SDR-RADIO-Pro_v2.3b2355? The Console itself suits me in versions 3.xx, but I need SDR Data File Analyzer from older versions other than the SDR-RADIO-Pro_v2.3b3825.exe version - for an unknown reason, the operation of the IQ file analyzer in this version is extremely unstable.


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