Can not add satellite kepler from local file


I tried to add the new CAS-6 kepler data to a local TLE data file via "Satellite tracking Options" and "Add" -> path to the local kepler file.
This did not seem to work. I reloaded kepler several times and also restarted SDR-Console.
The CAS-6 satellite did not pop up in Satellites "Name Organiser". The kepler was published on the AMSAT-UK web site so it should be ok.

Kepler was as the following:
1 44881U 19093C 20170.81187924 -.00001118 00000-0 -13581-3 0 9991
2 44881 97.9575 246.8556 0015830 36.2280 323.9959 14.81412013 26893

Any ideas what can be wrong?

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