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Walter Panella

i'm writing a software that connect to a ham dx cluster and repeat spots while adding other useful spots based on a list.
you can check it here: https://iu2meh.blogspot.com/2020/06/shiva-dx-cluster-for-swl-bcl.html

Now, i have a problem...
SDR Console seems to disconnect and reconnect to my cluster every 10 minutes at minute 1 and 3, for example at 16:01,16:03, 16:11,16:13, 16:21,16:23 and so on.
Using another client for dx clusters like rxclus ( http://www.hb9bza.net/rxclus-overview ) or simply telnet, this problem does not raise.
Sniffing packets with wireshark i see that sdrconsole send a reset tcp packet.
Disconnecting and reconnecting sdrconsole to my cluster don't change anything, same reconnections at timing above.
Restarting all the sdrconsole or my cluster at random minute doesn't change anything,
still disconnect and reconnect exactly at minute 1 and 3 every 10 mins.

Can you check in your code if there is some kind of timer or something like?
i have to send some kind of keepalive?

Thanks and 73

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