RSP-2 , SDRC, fldigi and TS-590 best practices

Greg Hidley

I used fldigi with my Kenwood TS-590 for years, using rigcat for tracking via CP210x USB-UART Bridge (COM9).  I now have an RSP-2 running with SDRC V3 and tracking my TS-590 external radio via OmniRig pointed to the same COM9.  Every thing work great separately, but I have had trouble using them (SDRC V3 and fldifi) at the same time. I know I would have to use VSPE to create new virtual COM ports to allow such sharing but have had no success doing so so far. Tried creating the following VSPE ports

CP210x Bridge on COM9, 115200

Splitter COM9=>COM4      Use COM4 for RSP2 (via OmniRig!)

Splitter COM4=>COM8      Use COM8 for fldigi

So obviously I need to figure out how to setup virtual ports properly so that I can use fldig and SDRC V3 at the same time and track TS-590 accordingly. But it occurred to me that maybe this was not the best usage practice. Are there other ways to use SDRC V3 and fldigi together? Can SDRC V3 share (external radio) rig control to fldigi somehow directly (via virtual ports, or other IPC mechanism)?  Any other advice on how to make these great programs work together in conjunction with my TS-590S? I am using a Windows 10 Dell Vostro PC Core 2 Duo E8500 with 16GB RAM.

Any advice would be appreciated ... have been googling for a week to find explicit examples of virtual port usage but have yet to find something that works.

greg,  KJ6HOV

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