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Hi Chris

That's very interesting. Any chance you could explain further the crosstalk issue? I don't fully understand the problem you describe.

Yes, I was also researching use of the low power outputs and separate RX inputs after viewing the YouTube video (demo with Flex) I referenced earlier. However, as explained on the Transverter Store website, I can see some convenience on being able to chain the transverters together, or use a coax switch to go between several units and just turn on the one I want to use as I like the idea of switching between bands quickly and easily. Then again I guess this could all be done with relay switching for the low power/RX output/input from the HL2? Sadly for me it's all about the time it takes to build those sort of solutions, as I am very "time poor" for radio projects at the moment sadly.

For anyone else following this there is also an interesting thread on the HL2 Group discussion (you don't need to be a member to view). There is discussion (if you dig through the thread) about the Ukraine transverter small drift due to crystal oscillator and possible replacement with synth board from eBay (ADF4351) to reduce drift and also combat harmonic outputs from the onboard Xtal oscillator (drift worry was mentioned earlier in this thread.... sorry, just don't have time right now to refer back so apologies to author):!searchin/hermes-lite/transverter|sort:date/hermes-lite/uR6whFr3p6U/CnR2cvB_AQAJ



On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 10:01 AM, Christian Veith wrote:
Hi Max,

I'm using a 2m transverter from with my HL2.

I ordered it with the attenuator board and didn't use it ;)

I've routed the transverters Rx output to the Rx input of the HL2 available on the rear pin header and feed the transverter with PA off from the low power output.

I used the socket for the HF Antenna on the transverter for RX out and added another sma socket to the back of the HL2 as Rx in.

It's working quite well. But there's much crosstalk coming from the transverter when transmitting.

Best regards


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