Re: SDR Radio Console without Omnirig with direct CAT Control (external Radio) for IC-9700 #usb #ic-9700 #cat #icom

martin m3ghe

So why then do you imply on your webpage that it supports SDR Console V3.x?
What is OmniRig v2.1?
More than one program can you control the transceiver via OmniRig at the same time. In a typical scenario, the user will have a logger (e.g. Swisslog), a SDR receiver as panadapter (e.g. SDRPlay with SDR Radio v3.x), a remote SDR Receiver such as ColibriDDC (e.g. ExpertSDR2 Client software), and a digital mode software for FT8 (e.g. WSJT-X) running on his system. All these programs will know the current frequency, mode and all other rig parameters, and will be able to change them. The only requirement is that all programs use the OmniRig v2.1 component. Programs that use their own code to control the rig, require exclusive access to the communications port, and are incompatible with OmniRig v2.1. OmniRig v2.1 can control up to four transceivers or receivers if they are connected to different COM ports. Rig types are not hard-coded in OmniRig v2.1. On start-up, the component reads the rig description files from the Rigs\ sub-directory and supports all rigs for which a command set is defined. If your rig is not supported yet, create your own rig description file (and share it with other Omni-Rig users).
Or was it just a bad example?
Either way it is misleading.


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