SDR Radio Console without Omnirig with direct CAT Control (external Radio) for IC-9700 #usb #ic-9700 #cat #icom

Wolfgang Sidler

I'm using the external Radio feature with omnirig with my IC-9700 for the QO-100. It works fine but I had to tweak the IC-9700 Rigi INI-FIle.

I have three different ICOM Transceivers and would like to use the IC-7700 and the IC-7610 with Omnirig v1.19 as RIG 1 and RIG 2.
As you know, omnirig is only supporting two RIGs concurrent.

So, how can I connect the IC-9700 via USB directly without Omnirig as an "external Radio" in order to synchronize the freq. of the IC-9700 with SDR Radio Console for the QO-100 SAT operation?

Any idea?

Best 73 de HB9RYZ

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