Re: Easiest/cheapest way to 6m/2m/70cm?

Siegfried Jackstien

i do use the pluto now on qo100 .... but plan to build a multiband backend for the pluto

a wideband driver (skyworks65017) to have a few milliwatts drive (sky 17 is good for 0.1 to 6 gig with 20 db gain)

ra60h1317m for 2m

ra60h4047m for 70cm

ra18h1213g for 23cm

mw4ic2230 for 13cm (is what i already use for qo100 uplink)

9cm and 6cm ... no exact idea yet but will add them maybe later ... also 3cm and higher with transverter ?!?

each power module will get a filter at the front and a lowpass filter at the output ... even if those modules are quite clean and only will push out one band ... a lowpass filter should be added on output

i am thinking that those band power modules is the easiest way to get some power for the vhf uhf shf bands

what do others think?!? other (maybe better?)  ideas??

still searching for a low noise figure receive (mmic) preamp ...

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 31.05.2020 um 23:06 schrieb Max:

Hi Sigi

Yes, actually I am now thinking of doing exactly this. Transverter for 6m and Pluto for everything else as you suggest.

I just referred back to all the notes you kindly sent previously about changing the TCXO on the Pluto. For some reason I thought Pluto was a lot more expensive. Now to be had for £117 GBP + VAT from Mouser here in the UK.

Do you use Pluto on 2m/70cms and if so do you use additional filtering on the output, or not necessary? Any amplifier? If so, what?



On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 03:23 PM, Siegfried Jackstien wrote:

6m ... transverter to your existing hl2

all bands above ... a pluto (up to 6 gig)

dg9bfc sigi

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