SDR-Console as spotting-receiver for IC-7300


I like to use the SDR-Console with an Airspy HF+ Discovery  as a spotting-receiver for my IC-7300, but I would like the IC-7300 to track only when required, i.e. when I have found a frequency to which I'd like to tune my transceiver.
Presently, when I select: SDR => Radio and hook off Frequency and Mode nothing happens until I change frequency on the SDR, when the IC-7300 will change also, but I will then have to tune back again fo my original SDR frequency.
Would it be possible to make a new large "Sync external" button in the Quick Access toolbar that performs as follows:
enable the track function within External radio,
shift frequency 100 Hz up, then shift frequency 100 Hz down
 finally disable the track function within External radio
It would make life a lot easier

73, Brynjar LA6UY

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