Re: Easiest/cheapest way to 6m/2m/70cm?

Oguzhan Kayhan

Used one of that ukrainian transverter for 2m for a while.
It is not a highend device for sure..
But I  connected that to my ts-480,  had an output of 10-12W which was enough for repeater communication.

Then I added a 150W PA to it..
And made hundreds of Meteor Scatter qsos..

And , my first EME contact with I2FAK, with my single 10 element yagi by using this transverter + PA

Yes it has problems.. Lost internal amplifier  (BF998 i suppose)   a few times..
And the output transistor, 2 times..(which is cheap anyway) . And for any trouble, they replied very quick to diagnose the problem.

And there is no way to disable the internal LNA to use an external LNA if needed..So, an external LNA just saturates it..
 I dont know if it has any updates on design lately..
But it works ....

On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 1:10 PM Max <radiomax@...> wrote:
I have Hermes Lite 2 which seems now to be working extremely well with SDRC as a very effective HF station and GC HF receiver.

Now I am looking to have a play with other bands, particularly 50 MHz, but also maybe 2m and 70cms. Just wondered if there are any opinions on how best to achieve this with SDRC and maybe also the HL2?

I can see there are some very well priced 6m/2m/70cm transverters from the Ukraine on eBay. Has anyone got any experience of these units?

If not transverter (or perhaps a different model) then what else? I thought initially Pluto, but it does not seem to go low enough in frequency? Maybe 70 MHz but not as low as 50MHz?

Suggestions? I don't want to spend big bucks as usual! 

Many thanks


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