Re: Easiest/cheapest way to 6m/2m/70cm?


Hi Paul

Just want to get active on those bands in a casual way, nothing cutting edge, but I don't like operating compromised kit. So for example since I have had my HL2 I don't use my RSP2Pro on HF at all because I really do not like the lukewarm performance on HF, but conversely I am not looking for the last drop of DX performance on the new bands either. Just some kit that works competently but not necessarily the bleeding edge of performance.

I have only really managed to come back to radio after a long break for 40 years of heavy work load and also unsuitable QTHs, and when I first started in 1976 my parent's QTH was low in a valley and VHF/UHF was out of the question. I'm now in a great all-round QTH with space for antennas so the kid in me is coming out, wanting to play on bands that were previously out of the question for me. Special interest in 6m as I have read much but never operated. Back in my day it was off the agenda anyway because the band was used by broadcast BBC TV stations here in the UK 

2m and 70cms I have a little nostalgia for because used to go out portable for VHF NFD with my local club. High locations and 4CX250B linears. Good fun. No, I'm not going to be using that sort of power this time around!

So in answer to your question, I guess you would call it casual use but with reasonable performance for a little DX now and then.



On Sun, May 31, 2020 at 03:17 PM, paul newcombe wrote:
Can I ask what you want to do on the higher bands?  It is very relevant in deciding the route to take.

Paul N2EME

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