Re: CW Skimmer decoded bandwidth


Says "A simple way of using CW Skimmer with a Softrock would be to use it stand-alone in this way 192KHz can be seen with a suitable soundcard. "

But by the design of Skimmer "*/when in "Softrock IF" mode CW Skimmer defaults to 48KHz sampling. It is only possible to see 24 KHz bandwidth."
It is a long time since I wrote that page but it does say that 48KHz may be seen if the output of the SDR program can be set to 96KHz as can HDSDR. I guess I tested that.

I did talk to Alex about this, it can not be changed. /*Dick Williams, W3OA made a utility to enable 192KHz and full control but only with Softrocks.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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